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Beyond My Surface Self Reflection Journals!

FINALLY My Birthday Project is here “The Beyond My Surface Journal Edition”, what a way to end ♋️ season. Thanks to Amazon, I’m coming in hot, and have now published more of my work, and boy have I worked so hard for it. Months of preparation, hurdles and setbacks, but God came through with his confirmation.

For my birthday this year I wanted to self publish, design, and produce my own Self Reflection Journals for both children and Adults. I really wanted to offer pieces of me, that have helped shape me, and also things I still need within myself, so why not bring others along with me who can relate.

I can’t release anything without full transparency! This one was hard, I was constantly comparing myself, and I underestimated the amount of work and time it was going to take to see the finish line. Once it was said and done, I questioned myself and was so scared to put this project out there. Fortunately for me I’m blessed and highly favored, and was receiving confirmation left and right to just be my authentic, vulnerable self, so I decided to go for it!

“Beyond Your Reflection” my journal for adults, men and women, I wanted to spread my wings and really go deeper, providing depth within my daily IG quotes. I wanted to leave daily words of wisdom to inspire, and encourage, but I also wanted to leave space for others to write down their thoughts and ways they can grow.

“I believe I am” a journal for kids, was created because I wanted kids to start early in the developmental stages of dealing with their thoughts. I want them to develop an understanding of why they affirm who they are. This journal is full of affirmations which are great to say, but it will help them to take it a step further to embed those words within.

Both Journals are now available on Amazon and I would love to hear your feedback. Till next time Soul Friends, I hope you enjoy!

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Jalisa Hardy
Jalisa Hardy
20 de jul. de 2021

Wowwwwww congratulations Kita!!! I don't know why you ever doubt yourself! You are killing it! Love you!

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