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Fight Through Your Surrender.. “Jesus Be Knowin”

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Supporting black owned small businesses has been something I strive to be in support of. I love reading the testimonies of why the business was started and journeying through its successes. I especially become excited when the vision of the business connects with my vibe.

Jesus Be Knowin

Yall, first of all shout out to my Soror Sommar for launching this fire! Please stop by and become a part of the #JBKGang. Its fresh, comfortable and more importantly its relatable. My Favorite quote from this brand is ”Whether big or small, it is a great reminder to us and others as we go throughout our day that Jesus is always looking out for us”

This brand came right on time and I mean ON TIME! Wearing this brand gives me the confidence I need to push through. How dope is it to be having a rough day or to be going through a storm in your life and being able to look down on your chest and have the constant reminder that “Jesus Be Knowin”

2020 thus far has been a year of reveal for myself where God has literally been showing ME TO MYSELF through prayer, church,posts, random conversations, bible studies, and series. Even with me not feeling close to ready for where he wants to lead me, I know he KNOWS what’s in store for me. He knows and acknowledges the small steps I'm taking and he‘s already factored in the trials and fear that I will face when trying to be obedient. All the more reason to trust him.

I've been doing a thing friends called “Attempting to do It Gods way”, because before this I had the mentality of “I'm in control of the plans for MYSELF, and everything is on my terms“. I guess you can say I flipped the script on God and made his words of “For I know the plans I have for your life” into my own. I was on that “For I Nekita knows and can do what she wants and who is gonna check me”.

2019 I grew up, I discovered myself and got pumped as if I could make my own path.... SO FALSE. Yes this new found energy felt amazing, but I was spinning in the same cycles. Now how does that happen? You think you’ve finally found it, living it up off you’re new self discovery high and boom back to depression, old hurt, worry and fear.

Why? Because your life is not your own and there are things you may not want to be a part of but God Knows what he needs! It can become confusing because in your mind you are doing the “right” thing not cursing folks out, involved in a ministry, singing for the Lord, yet somehow its still not to the potential that God needs. I'm vastly learning that just because your plan may include obedient things doesn't necessarily mean its being obedient to God.

I share this experience with you to simply say “Fight through your Surrender“. Surrendering yourself through the unknown is not easy but the promises in the end, the bible deems worth it. My surrender is slow y'all and I mean very slow and it will be that way at times but he continues to give me small wins of encouragement that reveal and tug on me little by little to trust that JESUS BE KNOWIN!

Statement Pins Collection

Shout out to Radical Dreams Pins, and Shop Culture Vibes, just to name a few for blessing my pin collection.

This is something new that I picked up, I actually got this idea from a friend. I was so inspired by her jacket and the fact that there were black owned small businesses that aim to inspire through making statements through pins was the icing on the cake. I wanted to choose pins that spoke to my personality, my trials, and my victories as reminders of the things that make up my testimony. Drop in the comments if you know of any good pins or buttons out there.

I hope you enjoy this post Soul Friends. Until next time. Thank you for taking a look Beyond My Surface.

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1 comentário

Jalisa Hardy
Jalisa Hardy
21 de mar. de 2020

This is so on time and on point for me... I’m struggling with surrendering. Thank you Kita!

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