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Creating Balance, Avoiding Burnout

Full transparency per usual, I just wanted to leave you all with a quick note, and a reminder to listen to your body.

We all have dreams, and goals that we want to accomplish. We are all so eager to succeed, that by any means necessary we get it done, but at what cost? Sometimes we are so dedicated to our brand, our work, and our homes, that we forget to create balance. We need balance in order to keep the peace within us. Without balance we become stressed, experience burnout, and we don’t get to accomplish things at the level we are capable of.

Balance has been very hard for me to create as the world is opening back up. Responsibilities are greater, the schedule is completely full, and it seems like there isn’t enough time in a day. I’ve been trying to be a superwoman causing extreme fatigue, and burnout. I constantly feel drained which causes excessive anxiety to spill over into all aspects of my life.

Despite all of this, I choose to keep pushing, but the body talks, and will begin to make its shut down. Although I want to be great at everything, get everything done, and support everyone around me, I have to create room to breathe.

It’s important to listen to the warning signs your body is giving you. Here are some things I’ll be doing to create the balance I need, to continue doing all the amazing things that I want to do.

Turn it Off

Completely shut everything down, and allow your mind, and body to reset. Pushing through while stressed can affect the outcome you’re trying to achieve.

Ask for help

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. Don’t be ashamed to ask for what you need.


Focus on one task at a time. It’s unrealistic to think you can complete a million tasks in a day. Make a priority list, and focus on the essentials.

Learn to say No

Saying no isn't necessarily selfish. Saying no to a commitment you have no room for, honors your existing obligations. This will help you to avoid stretching yourself too thin.

Rest and Pay attention to your health

Make sleep a priority. Don’t avoid the signs of your body feeling off. You need to recharge you battery in order to perform at your best.

I hope these small changes will be helpful to someone feeling stressed, and struggling to find balance. We have all experienced so many changes this last year, and it may be a bit of a juggle at the moment to get back out there. Don’t let it consume you, control the controllable and take it one day at a time.

Until next time Soul Friends


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