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The 1.20.20 Experience In LA

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Hello LA where the weather was cool, the sun was shining and the spirit felt free. Tons of photo ops, great food, site seeing, dope vibes and energy. What better way to experience it with Friends. In our case Diana’s 38th bday was the occasion and what better way to enjoy it with the people you love ❤️

Welcome to LA

I was able to get a headstart to the trip and get some much needed Family time in with my Big Cousin Gina. My cousin is embarking on her new Cali experience and Im super jealous and was sad to leave her. Riding through 90210 truly felt like Brenda and Dylan were gonna pop out at anytime but it felt good to breathe the Cali air, tour the city and just RELAX with family. Gina cant help herself but to take care of me, she had the heating pad going for my old lady back and a neck massage pillow going from the long flight! I wanted to put her in my suitcase case yall. She makes me SO PROUD always wanted to be like her growing up and it still hasn't changed.

Meet And Chill

Friday was mission “get all the friends” from the Airport day. Everyone was literally in a million different group chats sending flight info and smart comments of “yall better be there to get us” lol. Typical travel foolery within our circle, and as always we made it work!

We had some time, so we decided to see the city and grab some food. Many of my friends are trying new healthy lifestyles so we looked for places with Vegetarian options in addition to MEAT, and you know we were gonna grab some quick pics as well. We almost never leave without footage!

Yes Im the “make everyone have a photo shoot“ Friend. Making Memories means so much to me. They all thank me later when they have a great recap and can relive their trip!

Everything in LA was a DRIVE so we finally headed to the Airbnb located in Hacienda Heights, California. The area was full of awesome views of the mountains which was great for morning runs or serenity. The area was great for quick food and store runs and was very quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We had our own ORANGE TREE,balcony and backyard space for photos and quality time.

Runyon Canyon

Everyone was settled and after a night of food, drinks and games we were all ready to put our Hiking shoes on and head to Runyon Canyon. The plan was to hike to the Hollywood sign, but we still got a nice view of LA and a little glimpse of the sign as you can see below middle picture lol. This experience of nature really captured God’s creation, and put you in tune with inner peace. Despite the illegal wall climbs, we are sorry for whoever’s backyard we violated and the heart attacks from Kort and Will almost falling off the cliff. They play way too much, I was like “the picture ain't worth ya life sis“ lol!

A Stroll through Inglewood

Another morning where 13 friends are trying to get out of the house after a loud, turnt, eventful nap taking night of food, drinks and games! Most times its about the straight non-stop party but we decided to cross some things off our bucket list.None the less we were all ready to put our Black Girl Magic and our Black Boy Joy in gear and hit the town take a stroll through Inglewood. From the Dunes to Sweet Chick we went.

Insecure Tour

We were really out here looking pressed yall, the residents could definitely tell we were from out of town lol, but we got the job done and got the shot! I mean who doesnt want Issa Vibes while in LA! Clearly WE DID!

Photos and Perspective With us when one gets a great shot it literally becomes a shoot for everyone, I wish yall could see my camera roll right now. We probably shouldnt have been running back and forth in the middle of the street with cars coming but hey a girls gotta get the perfect angles for the perfect memories.

Marathon Mural

Of course we had to visit, this was more than just getting “thee shot” this felt more like a movement. The location and environment felt uplifted and you really felt the changed perspective due to the impact of Nipsey‘s life. Makes me want to get after my dreams at any cost, define my own happiness, and hold myself accountable when it comes to putting in the work. RIP Nipsey 🙏🏽

Food and Shopping

The goal was to hit up Worldwide Tacos, seems like Cali is the place to be for Taco’s thats all we ate.Sad it was closed but of course we made the memory of stopping by, but yall know folks always hungry so we headed to sweet chick for dinner and chill. Little did we know we would run into some really cute stores. Walking into “Dolls Kill” was quite the experience, you could shop, get good photos and if you’re me you’ll be dancing in all the cool mirrors they have, straight cutting up lol. The next store “To the Moon” was super dope, I felt like I was in a butterfly garden with iridescent lights everywhere.

1.20.20 Happy Birthday Diana

The Big Day was here, the reason we all were in LA. Mind you Diana had this grand 38th birthday idea in DECEMBER, we all made it happen just like we always do for each other. Diana is THAT FRIEND guys,when we travel or when we have events she pays so much attention to the detail in ensuring we have everything we need to really make it a good time. She takes care of all of us, very genuine in everything she does and plans majority of what we do always with style and much class! We complain when she goes over board and we complain when its not done right so we‘re pretty much learning to just let Diana be Diana cause we all love and NEED IT lol.

We had birthday lunch at the Cannibas Cafe as people were leaving to the airport later that day so we wanted everyone in on the bday experience. Perfect timing guys cause this place gets busy so reservations are a must. The FOOD was amazing, we definitely OVER ordered as a group as we didn’t expect those large portions but it made for a great group breakfast next day! The decor and vibe of this place was relaxing and really set the tone for a great time.

Santa Monica Pier

LA you owe us NOTHING! The pier was our last stop as we had some much time before heading back to the DMV. Here we were able to reflect with each other, enjoy the sand and waves from a far of course, aint nobody got time for cold feet in that water. We even got a cute bird show from the seagulls, and to top it off we became celebraties to tourist who wanted photos with our crew.. thats how we do! A great way to end an amazing time with friends more like FAMILY!

So how was LA Kita? Ummm pretty dope if I do say so myself. Nothing like traveling with my friends, we truly have genuine love for each other and Im so happy I get to make memories with the best of the best! 18 years of #StrongShip

Random House nights and Photo Gallery

Until next time friends, I hope you all Enjoyed

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