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Marketing Yourself

Let’s be real, we all want to be successful in the things we are passionate about, but how do we gain the support that we need? How do we make the impact that we want to make? The answer to those questions is to Market yourself. Don’t get me wrong, Marketing yourself is not only for social media, but you should incorporate it wherever you go.

Im finding that social media, and other digital platforms are the new business card. When people are interested in your brand they tend to look at your business social media presence, and will gain access to your products through your page or website, so you want to be ready.

For new business owners like myself, this can be very uncomfortable. I’ve always loved social media for personal use, but embarking on a business page has been quite the experience. It teaches you to shift your thinking, and find creative ways to engage with your community. I think of my followers as my community, I try to engage with what they need by giving my life’s experiences, my feelings, my highs and my lows. I share the processes of my success, as well as promoting my products.

To some it may feel like you are constantly posting. It may feel as if people are tired of seeing your face and your product, but it must be done in order to meet your objectives, accomplish your goals, and make the impact you were looking for.

Four things to remember when Marketing yourself.

1.Find your niche. Compete against yourself and dont compare. Don’t be intimidated by the many tools available on social media. You don’t have to be in the limelight, and perform a million tik toks to market yourself. Find what works for you, discover the things you love and what you want others to see. From there, research the different marketing tools available to you based on your goals, and how you want to target your audience.

2.Networking is marketing. Build a community. Start following others with like minded ideas. Engage with your followers, and draw them into your business goals.

3.Market what you stand for. Share your journey. Its not about the products you make, but its the story you tell. People want to know who you are, they want insights to your journey. Share your expertise and be sure its informative.

4.Market your Uniqueness. Be Confident. Be bold in your posts, and don’t get distracted by other’s opinions. Focus on your accomplishments rather than overthink the amount of posts, or the likes you receive. Stay focused on your products, and your business goals.

Until next time Soul Friends. I hope you can grab a nugget or two that can aid in Marketing yourself and meeting those business goals. Love you guys ❤️

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