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My First Children’s Book

I’ve always loved to write, but I never dreamed of Author. They say when you’re just doing what you love, you will fall into purpose. I’m feeling just that, I fell in love with self publishing and writing my first book. To be able to take my life experiences and turn them into messages for others is a true reward.

My Inspiration

Earlier this year, I decided to start a Writing/Book club for girls ages 8-13, Brown Girls Talk.

I knew my vision would grow, but I prayed for the start of something great! I too have a young daughter, and while I’m in no way, shape, or form perfect, it’s helped my growth as a person and mother. I wanted the chance to pour into my daughter as well as other young girls.

My mission is to have young brown girls understand just how powerful they are, by simply being themselves. This space allows them to freely speak, express their feelings, and journal their thoughts. We then take some of those thoughts, and expressions, turning them into books that can inspire other young girls who feel, and think like them. How amazing would it be to become a young author? This also teaches them to be bold, take leaps, and to become a stand out.

I wanted to truly be an example for the girls, and accomplish what my mentorship program stands for. I’m a true believer in affirmations, and taking control over your mind, so I wrote my first children’s book. This book is inspired by all that I want young brown girls to be.

I wrote this book to inspire young brown girls that their minds are enough. Often times we second guess our thoughts and ideas for fear they aren’t good enough to create success. I want this piece to inspire young girls to stretch their minds and to believe in their identity. I want them to take risks, and not be afraid of the intelligence that lies within. My goal is to eliminate comparisons at an early age to instill confidence, self love, and long lasting accomplishment, by simply being who you were created to be. For each girl reading this book, know that you have the power, you are smart, and there’s no wrong in being yourself. Read this book knowing that there is room enough for you, and there are no limits on where your mind can take you. Dream big, follow your heart, and let your mind be the masterpiece to all that you want to achieve.

This is only the beginning to how far my mind will take me. It took me a while to believe in myself, and not compare, but Im loving who Im becoming. I hope you all love “My Mind is My Masterpiece” click the link below to check it out and please leave me a review.

Until next time “Soul Friends”

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