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Why Blogging is my new Therapy

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

I saw a post on IG from @Kashia whose page is incredibly inspiring, about how we should be getting back to plain old hobbies, back to just doing something we love for fun and for the peace of mind. We have been programmed these days to always be focused on a hustle which in my opinion and experience adds even more weight to the bench press life!

Full transparency I suffer from severe Anxiety. YES its a serious condition my friends, and I used to be concerned with others opinions of me also known as a “People Pleaser” . Side Note, I cant lie, I get slightly disturbed when Anxiety disorder is overlooked or assumed to be a reach out for attention. Im a witness to it taking over your senses, causing you to feel like your world is crashing on the inside while everything around you is still continuously moving. Please believe the hype its mad real, but Im taking initiative in learning diffrent ways to cope. Ok I digress, but having constant encounters with anxiety I have discovered that Writing and Capturing memories is my Therapy which inspired this blog.

Before I decided to start blogging with the help of close friends and my therapists, I wrote down my reasons why to ensure that I wasn't doing this for any other reason.

Writing, reading between the lines, dissecting the WHY, and editing literature has always been up my alley, but I would always move in fear due to the pressure I placed on myself with comparisons, and questioning the impact I would have on “others”.

Through growth and becoming in tune with myself I decided that going forward my moves would be on my terms and anything I embark on going forward would focus on the impact I will have on myself that will spill into others. I decided that this Blog is solely for ME, a chance to prove something to myself and touch people in a genuine way by simply being myself, rather than doing it the expected way of others.

Have you ever figured out the answers to your own questions while doing something therapeutic, after you’ve been stuck overthinking the process to figure yourself out? I find that doing something I love sends calm to my mind allowing me to tap into my source for the answers I couldn’t find. Those desired answers that I searched for when I was worried about an expected outcome from something I felt pressured to do because of what I misunderstood as my purpose.

So I started writing, and capturing my real life experience which is causing me to fall in love with Myself AGAIN.

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