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2020 Is Still My Year, Hello July

Welcome to July, its my Birthday month. Yay!

Just like many of you, none of the 2020 that we are experiencing was included on my Vision board. I pictured it quite differently to be honest. I was thinking some traveling, meeting business goals, bucket list items,and developing spiritual and mental freedom. That was the design that was hand cut, taped, and glued to my idea of 2020.

I ran into some doubt this year, yet I’m very blessed. For all of us wanting revenge on 2020, I wanted to share some tips I’ve received along the way, that have really changed my perspective. These words have helped me form the mindset of “2020 Is Still My Year”

Tip #1 Be You its your journey

Put God First, Remember his promises and plan for your life.

1. Be comfortable knowing that everything that has been happening to you, is YOU, and it’s for a reason, even when you cant see what it looks like.

a.You’ve been Amazing

b.You’ve been Growing

c.You’ve been Moving

d.You’ve been Obedient to Gods calling

2. If there are individuals that can’t understand your growth from what it looks like, it’s on them. You cant change that.

a. You have been called to move in a certain manner, and it will rub some people the wrong way.

b.Your energy is different, it’s real, it happens.

3. Those individuals you are trying to please are not making your seat in heaven.

a.They are not your Protector

b.They are not guiding your steps

c.Everything that has been given to you has been guided my God. That’s how you need to move.

4. Be Strong in who you are, be confident in the confirmations that are before you.

a. Stop downplaying yourself.

b. When you give yourself the credit you deserve then everything happening will make sense. You deserve it.

c.Someones eyes are always open to YOU.

d.Claim your position and put faith in GOD. It’s yours, stop selling yourself short.

Tip #2 Be Intentional get out of your own way.

Growth is never easy, but fight for the happiness you want to achieve. Be the energy you want to receive.

1. Take a deep breath.

a. It’s ok to be upset.

b. It‘s ok to have feelings, to have emotions.

2. All the things you’ve been experiencing are due to change.

a. Along this journey we may lose individuals.

b. Some individuals may stay because they understand.

c. Many individuals just wont get it, because they are used to things being the same way, and that is ok.

d. Your journey wasn’t meant for everyones approval.

3. It’s hard, but you are not always wrong.

a. Stop putting all this pressure on yourself.

b. Are you perfect? No. Do you have your faults? Yes

c.Everything cannot be put on the shoulders of one person.

d.Accept that you are worthy.

Tip #3 Be Consistent, There is so much more to you that the world has no clue about. Consistently give the best version of yourself.

1. Be comfortable, applaud yourself for where you are.

a. Be open to additional resources

b.With God, also let others be there to show you love while you get it done.

c. It’s in your own time, you control the speed of your progress. Don’t be fooled into comparisons.

d. Release and Express along the way.

2. Be Obedient to God, and be proud of yourself

a. Others visions will change of you when you are proud of your own moves. They wont have a choice.

b. Continue to speak your truth, be strong in your journey and in who God has created you to be.

c.Accept your new self. Go into it with your head high!

Tip #4 Don’t ever Change to meet the expectations of others.

1. Stay ahead of the curve

a.Forward thinking is IN, if you’re not forward thinking then you are stagnant.

b.If you’re stagnant than you shorten yourself from doing all the things God has ahead of you.

c.He has already given us the Mind to accomplish, if you are stagnant than your not putting in the work.

d.Continue to be a forward thinker, an influencer, and a creative.

I love you guys. I hope these tips can encourage and influence the way you take back your 2020. We gon be alright! Until next time Soul Friends.


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Thank you for this! Love your shirt, too! 🤗


Unknown member
Jul 08, 2020

Wow Daughter you said that. I am so proud of you. This right here is going to help and change lives. It's so amazing how God works while helping yourself you are helping others. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Keep up the GREAT work that GOD has put in you.

Love you🙏😇😘


Nothing like finding and loving your authenticity!


Shonte Drakeford
Shonte Drakeford
Jul 08, 2020

Well received.


Thanks for the tips!!

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