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Emotional Triggers, Changing the Narrative

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

We all have those triggers where our response is the automatic “This is Me, take it or leave it” with the added neck or eye roll with a point, blank and PERIOD SIS to follow,but is it really YOU? Or have you convinced and conditioned your mind, your actions, and your heart that certain characteristics positive or negative are just a part of your makeup.

Whether you feel misunderstood in that area, whether you are hurting in that area, whether you are happy in that area of your life how do you know for sure that “This is Me”.

I've decided to share my personal triggers and how really getting to the bottom of Why its “touchy“for me aided in changing the narrative of my triggers leading to healing for my purpose.

For me, I am mostly triggered by WORDS.. that whole sticks and stones may break my bones but WORDS can never hurt me is A LIE yall! Lets stop lying to these kids lol. Lets be real, words can really cause your vision of yourself to become blurred.

For so many years I've allowed the people around me to influence my belief that I'm dramatic or too much to the point where I just accepted it as a part of me as a negative.

I found myself starting to form habits based on the labels I allowed others to identify for me. I would use disclaimers like“Yall know I'm extra“ before sharing stories or sharing my goals or expressing my true self to eliminate the comments in advance. Little did I know it was stunting my growth in so many areas afraid to take risk, speak up or perform well for fear the world would think I'm too much. YES THE WORLD when your so deep in your mind about something it tends to feel like everything is going wrong.

As a proud Cancerian stand up 7/11! I know we have a bad wrap of being sensitive and emotional but being called Dramatic and Too much or attention seeking can sometimes be mistaken for Passionate, Driven, Motivating, and Loving hard. When my personality is taken the wrong way it automatically triggers negativity and causes a response of anger and to be honest people usually end up cut off. Yuck! sounds aggressive and abrupt but the reality of it is the cut off was just my cop out and reason to run due to the scars I refused to address.

I had to breakdown why I felt angry in this area when others would define me. I found that the problem was me and the lack of self esteem needed to “state my truth” but I had to believe my truth before I could state it.

I chose to change the narrative for myself and instead of fearing my “Dramatic, too much, attention seeking“ personality that only surface individuals could see,I had to become confident in the real definition of who I am. Dramatic- Meaning I'm DIFFERENT, Too much- Meaning I'm DRIVEN, Attention seeking-Meaning I want to INSPIRE, rather than operate under a label that I adopted. I realized it made me so angry because for so long I was choosing to act in this manner rather than remaining true to myself. Its a very tiresome road to Act and not Be.

When I changed the narrative of my identity I was able to increase my faith and embark on the things I've always wanted to experience and become. What are your triggers? Have you gotten to the bottom of why you’re bothered? Are your triggers your testimony? Are your triggers hindering you from your purpose?

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