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Short, sweet, and to the point, I’m an over-thinker... sigh! I know Im not alone in this area. Have you ever been so stressed about a situation that hasn’t even happened yet? What about worrying yourself sick about all the possible outcomes of a situation you haven’t even failed yet.

What about the disappointment in yourself that you already feel without even trying to accomplish the task. Or here’s a great one, what about the hurt feelings you’re experiencing, where you sit looking for someone else to blame, when IT’S YOU.

You’ve been stuck in your head for so long thinking about the situation, that you dont even realize you’re the one that has caused your own state of weary.

Im super guilty of overthinking. I never give myself the chance to succeed, or even the chance to fail, and learn from it. Our thoughts can block us from trying, and they can cause self inflicted wounds, that will retract the healing we’ve already done.

Here are some tips, and ways I’m counteracting overthinking.

Stop automatically counting yourself out just because its new. You don’t have to be the expert in everything, but you do need to know how to be a student of new things. Remember, in order to become the expert you have to start from the beginning. Sometimes you lose, but always you will learn.

Don’t get stuck overthinking about all of the successors before you, how they did it, and who you may disappoint. Go into every situation being you, thinking like you, and focusing on what the situation can do for your own personal development.

Stop listening to your Anxiety, it’s false. I find that the reaction of my body, tends to influence the results of my thinking. We fall victim to that heaviness we feel when we are scared. We create unrealistic scenarios based on that rush of fear. It’s almost like we prepare for the worst, instead of preparing our confidence for a successful outcome. We convince ourselves of all the ways we aren’t capable, to protect our feelings just in case we fail.

Don’t get stuck overthinking how you might fail, without even evaluating the requirements.

Allow yourself the opportunity to learn new things. Its not an attack, you deserve to grow. We tend to think that once we discover our purpose that its not supposed to evolve, and change over time. This causes us to panic when God throws a curve ball, instead of being faithful, and optimistic. If we constantly stay on the same level of expertise, we wont be able to achieve higher, or birth new ideas.

Challenge your limits. In your mind you have formed your limit, and your stopping point. Just because you’ve reached a level of success, and it required hard work, doesn’t mean that you’re done. To whom much is given, much will be required Luke 12:48. If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you.

Keep praying, Keep pushing. Don’t overthink it, and have faith. Take it as a compliment that you’ve been put in a position where you are ready to receive more, no matter what it may require of you.

Until next time Soul Friends

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