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Use your pain as your strength

A definition of Strong is having the power to move heavy weights or being able to withstand great force or pressure. A definition of pain is careful effort, great care, or trouble.

"Don't allow your pain to overshadow your strength"

Sometimes our strength suffers, we find ourselves with our back against the wall or on our knees. The energy to perform has depleted and the motivation to sustain has left us. We feel everything and nothing, all at once, which can leave us to feel lost and empty. We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders due to the pressures of life that fills us with great pain. 

Pain will keep us stuck. It tricks our mind into thinking it will never go away. It handicaps our mental health by not wanting to leave the bed, isolation, and lack of. We begin to feel like less, we think less, and we care less, which places us in a dark place of hopelessness. 

"Use your pain as your strength"

Sometimes we get to a place in our lives where we are unclear about why God takes us through situations that take great strength. We often become exhausted by our strength from fighting what feels like a constant battle of life. We question why we are the chosen one when we already have multiple hills to climb, making the WAIT seem unbearable. 

"Others are counting on your strength"

Using your pain as your strength can help you to heal. It builds character and appreciation for all the things you've endured and can bring light to someone else's weakness. 

Sometimes God is not requiring you to do the heavy lifting. He is asking you to reach within and allow your mental strength to be stronger than the pain you feel. Being strong doesn't mean that it won't hurt, it means you will never let it defeat you. 

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